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released March 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Sam Killed the Bear Chattanooga, Tennessee

Hit play and pretend it's '98. The music will do the rest.

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Track Name: Run
Open up the eyes you've got. I'd say we're losing control
Because the man's now knockin' there ain't no stoppin, and we're not safe in our homes
Oh my mind is racing. The door is shaking, every hiding place they know
On your mark, Get set

Go! Why would I take my time?
I think I'm going crazy, yeah I lost my mind
Woah, would I take my time?
Because these demons got a hold of me and I'm not fine

Show how fast your legs can run 'cause they're all out on patrol
All around this city, I'm 5-1-50 and there's no where to go
Oh my mind is racing I can't stop shaking. All my cells just might explode.
On your mark, Get set
Track Name: Escape
Can you stop what I feel, or is this on me?
It's the end of the ride, so don't stop your feet
Is that all it takes?

Nothing but disease is all that I feel
In a world that only screams "Just let me out of here!"

What's that you feel in your head? You think that shit, it's on me?
It's the lesson you learned from all that you've seen

Is that all it takes, or is there something more?
Is that all it takes?

Nothing but disease is all that I feel
In a world that only screams "Just let me out of here!"
I'm running for that door, but I'm not leaving
Till I get what I need, and you're gonna give it to me
Track Name: Home
Home. I can just be
My home has everything I need
Give me some time I'm not great but I'm fine I'd be
Better if you would just leave
The only thing you'll find is me
In my home

Now I'm spinning and I'm never looking down
Life is a ladder and the climb's what life's all about
Where I rest my head is where I am found
All of the things that I do I can't do without
Happiness is shadowless when the lights go down
All I do is why I am

Home. I can be me
Hide all the things I never wanted anyone to see
When I rise I'm hypnotized. By the light I am revived. Walk downstairs find out I'm dry
But everything is alright because I'm
In my home
Track Name: Desflurane
I can fix anything that anybody needs
I know you're in pain, but everybody bleeds
I can't guarantee that you won't feel a thing
Dilatory pleas, here's your desflurane

Lights racing past my eyes
Leading me through rabbit holes in galaxies that no one else can find
Slowly breathe in through my nose
Patiently I'm counting down till you're around and my eyes finally close

Lay back relax don't make a sound
Here's your desflurane
Start up at 10 and then count down
Your thoughts they start to spin
Your eyes are heavier, oh oh, than they ever been
Give up give in to the compound. We're ready to begin