Poke The Bear (Demo)

by Sam Killed the Bear

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This was the first set of recordings we ever made. We did this album in a walk in closet that typically served as my 5th roommate's bedroom. Countless hours were spent on these tracks. We are in the process of remastering these tracks, and once they are remastered, these recordings will no longer be available. Get the limited edition demo album while you can!


released April 30, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Sam Killed the Bear Chattanooga, Tennessee

Hit play and pretend it's '98. The music will do the rest.

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Track Name: Changes (Demo)
Come to light, from wrong to right
Burn the trace that I left for you to find
Because in my mind, in my mind it seems alright
Left inside, still it tries, but it won't change me

I see these changes and these changes are coming true
And I see these faces, but the only face I ever see is you
Is you

Despair and hate have kept you stained
This loss of pain, What's left for me to gain?
Because in my mind, in my mind it seems alright
Left inside, still it tries, but it won't change me
Track Name: This Gun (Demo)
Don't let me catch you running
Face up, soldier, take this gun and shoot
But I know you don't want to
Keep fighting. Don't stop now
Get riding because you're time's ticking down
Never stand down

Wake up, Shape up and let's shake it up
Eyes up rise up end the cycle break it up

We'll send our problems to the sea
Then drink them up so we don't really even have to do a thing
Or send them soaring towards the moon

But if you miss my friend
They'll swing around the back and then
They'll knock you on your head before you move
So take your shot and make it true

I know what you've been hiding
The writing on the wall is getting clearer
But there's no room for fear
Surrounded on all sides now
Get flying cause your time's ticking down
Never stand down
Track Name: Desflurane (Demo)
I can fix anything that anybody needs
I know you're in pain, but everybody bleeds
I can't guarantee that you won't feel a thing
Dilatory pleas, here's your desflurane

Lights racing past my eyes, leading me through
Rabbit holes in galaxies that no one else can find
Slowly breathe in through my nose
Patiently I'm counting down till you're around, and my eyes finally close

Lay back relax don't make a sound. Here's your desflurane
Start up at 10 and then count down. Your thoughts, they start to spin
Your eyes are heavier, oh oh, than they ever been
Give up, give in to the compound. We're ready to begin

We're ready to do it again.
Track Name: Escape (Demo)
Can you stop what I feel, or is it on me?
It's the end of the ride, so don't stop your feet

Is that all it takes?

Nothing but disease is all that I feel
In a world that only screams
"Just let me outta here!"

What's that you feel in your head? You think that shit, it's on me?
It's the lesson you learned from all that you've seen

Is that all it takes, or is there something more?
Is that all it takes?
Track Name: Excited (Demo)
What does this song make you feel like?
Are you searching for words, does it wake you up at night?

But I'm excited, cite it
And I can't hide it, write that shit down
Get your feet up off the ground and let me show you our sexual sound
I've never been this far away from home alone, but I know
No matter what I do, I just wanna do it with you

On the road for 19 hours
I need to stop and stretch my legs
This never-ending road is driving me
And the radio is getting in my head
Track Name: 11:11 (Demo)
She's a girl living in a fucked up world
Trying to find her way back home
She doesn't want to be alone
She cries every day, she just wants to be ok
We know she's tough. She just wants to be enough

Could this be what I need, but it's never good enough
Do you see what I mean, that it's never good enough?

I'm small town and she's big city
I'm so-so and she's so pretty
No matter what I do she doesn't notice me
And I see her at the end of the bar
With her crooked smile and her broken heart
I know that I could make her sing
Track Name: One Last Thing (Demo)
It's been some time since I've seen your face, felt it's embrace
And there's something that I forgot to say
Your picture frame, hangs in its place. My hand in yours as I see
My soul smile back at me

You're gone away
It's a big mistake, you can't replace
It's too late to take it back
Your words they ring
Around and around in my head
Your voice begging me, step off the ledge and hold my breath

Closing my eyes, falling from grace
Gracefully, I can't breath. I ask, "Do you feel the same?"
And I think I've been fine. I tried to escape the ghost of you
But somehow, I know that you see me too

You hold me up when I am crashing down all around
I need your love until I hit the ground
Won't you lay me down?