There's Something The Matter With Me

by Sam Killed the Bear

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released March 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Sam Killed the Bear Chattanooga, Tennessee

Hit play and pretend it's '98. The music will do the rest.

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Track Name: Are We Alone?
Finally I can see you reflecting all of me. Covering up all the truth with your deceit. Fighting all my life for us, now I'm left alone.
It's not safe for you [It's not safe for me] We don't feel the same when we're caught in a dream. I'm not saving you [It's not safe for we]
Blood is now on my hands. Sinister intent revealed. Shaking in my bones. What have I become? This beast will now consume what's left of me.
It's not safe for you [It's not safe for me] We don't feel the same when we're caught in a dream. It's not safe for you [It's not safe for me] We're not feeling sane when we're caught in this dream. I'm not saving you [There's a fight inside of me]
Are We Alone?
Are We All One?
Track Name: Edge of Axiom
In the wake anchors drag me every single step I take. I never felt like this before. Day by day, I lose my faith in everything I ever say of one that I once adored.
My smile's fake in every picture I take, too. But if your eyes were open, you'd see the same in you.
Here we are we're at the edge of axiom (I never meant to get so close)
Every line was meant to keep me feeling numb (You see what I've become)
I cant keep fighting every fairy tale you feel. I can't keep hiding everything that makes me real at the Edge of Axiom
Tell me your saddest story. You're trying hard to save me, but you're bringing us both down, even when you're not around. This isn't easy for me. It's the cynical me. Apologies abound, so how could I trust you now?
Track Name: What's The Matter?
There's Something The Matter With Me, or is that what I want to believe? Why do I torture myself? Why can't I trust anyone else? Why do I live through this hell, or do you think that I just can't tell that I could be happy too? Be just as boring as you?
Something's the matter when there's nothing the matter with me. Nothing's the matter when there's something the matter with me. Something's the matter, when there nothing the matter with me, so What's The Matter with me?